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Water Test Kit 

All-In-One Home Drinking Water Test Kits

  • EPA Standards (Complies with the US Environmental Protection Agency's strict standards)
  • Results in Ten Minutes
  • No Mixing or Measuring
  • Safe & convenient
  • Individual packages
  • Results right on the spot
  • Lab-tested and certified for accuracy
  • One-step process
  • The water kits are disposable

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Find out if your water has harmful levels of these common contaminants:

  • Lead: (world's only Ten Minute test for lead)
    Many homes and buildings have pipes and plumbing fixtures that contain lead. Lead can leach from pipes into household water, making its plumbing a major source of water contamination and a potential source of toxic lead poisoning. Lead is so toxic that even very low levels may be dangerous.

    Lead consumption and poisoning has been linked to many serious illnesses, especially in young children lead can harm mental and physical development and may cause brain abnormalities, kidney damage and hypertension. As with other water contaminants, the risk of lead damage are much greater for children than for adults. Families should be particularly concerned about the health of the water supply.

    Consumers should test lead levels at each faucet in the home, especially if the plumbing fixtures could be from the 1980's or older.

    Chronic exposure to low levels of lead can result in learning disabilities, muscle and bone disorders and kidney damage in children under six. In the U.S., about 900,000 children aged one to five years old have a blood lead level exceeding the level of concern.

  • Pesticides:
    Pesticides are deadly chemicals used to eliminate weeds, insects and other harmful elements in crops. Their pervasive use, however, has produced its own harm. Now it is not uncommon to find pesticide contamination in our drinking water.

    Atrazine and Simazine are the two of the pesticides most commonly found to contaminate drinking water. More than 60 million pounds of these two chemicals are introduced into the environment each year as herbicides, and left to potentially leak into the soil, ground water and the lakes and rivers that are drinking water sources. They are so toxic that the EPA-mandated maximum level is equivalent to less than one drop in a swimming pool.

    There are laws that require the regular testing of community water supplies, but in practice, they are rarely tested.
    Pesticides are linked in scientific studies to increased cancer rates and chronic illnesses.

  • Nitrates/Nitrites:
    When animal and human wastes or field fertilizers come into contact with water, they show up as nitrates and nitrites. Both are serious contaminants because they affect the very core of human life - birth - and the development of your life.

    A syndrome called blue-baby is caused by a too high concentration of nitrates in drinking water. The young are especially susceptible. In the worst cases, it produces shortness of breath, which increases susceptibility to illness and can cause heart attacks or even death.

    You cannot see nitrates and nitrites in water. You must test them. The National Pesticide Survey tested 1,349 community and domestic wells in every state. Nitrates were detected in some 57% of domestic well and 52% of community wells.

  • Chlorine:
    The consumption of Chlorine in very small amounts most likely will not cause you serious harm. However, there are by-products, including chlorophorm, that chlorine produces when mixed with organic matter.

    Studies have found that regular drinking of tap water with high levels of Chlorine by products increases the risk of some forms of cancer.

  • pH:
    If the acidity of your water is too high, corrosion can leach out lead from pipes as well as damage your water supply system and water heater.

    Lead was used extensively in plumbing until the 1980's. Even low levels of lead have been linked to learning disabilities in children and hypertension in adults. So it is important to know if your pH level is corrosive.

  • Hardness:
    Water hardness is primarily caused by calcium and magnesium compounds. These chemicals are not easily detected, but the numerous negative effects can be unpleasant and costly.

    Hard water causes scaling in pots and pans and prevents soap from lathering. Calcium and magnesium build-up may eventually damage plumbing and water heaters.

  • Iron:
    High levels of iron may give your household water a metallic taste, cause a reddish or yellowish color and also result in other water quality problems. Iron-contaminated water can stain pipes, sinks, and damage laundry.

    High levels of iron are especially common in well water systems.


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